OMG, my beloved Lakers is in trouble

17 05 2009

First it was Landry, then it’s Brooks and lately it’s been Shane Battier. The Rockets can’t seem to have any form of surrendering it seems. People started to talk about them getting better without T-Mac, and for the most part they we’re right. But pushing the Lakers into seven games? And winning one lopsided game at home without Yao? Coach Adelman may have left some-anti Laker magic in his sleeves he used in Sacramento. Now it’s just hours away, the moment of truth, game seven, at Staples Center. The winner will face the young and gutsy Denver Nuggets, who swallowed Dallas in their other semis series 4-1. It will be now up to Kobe, Pau, LO and the rest of the Lakers to show what they got, and prove that they are not just a regular season behemoth, they are on to a championship road and what they have right now is one heck of a hump that may lead them to a detour of a finals showdown with the Eastern representative, or, well, on a dead end…again.




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